Rajiv Kumar Thakur

Welcome to my webpage


Hello, Namaste, I am an affirmatively encouraging, hardworking and motivated person from the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha & Himalayan Country of Nepal .Currently I am working as an officer at Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) Nepal. More than a decade’s experience and expertise in TVET sector makes me to do something different from my profession. and I am dedicated to empowering individuals through education and leveraging digital platforms to create engaging online experiences. Within the TVET sector, I am entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating skill development and vocational training programs that equip individuals with the practical knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in various industries. Whether it's designing curriculum frameworks, coordinating training sessions, or fostering partnerships with industry stakeholders, I am committed to promoting lifelong learning and enhancing employability opportunities for students and professionals alike. In addition to my role in education and training, I am also deeply invested in the world of web design. I specialize in creating visually compelling and user-friendly websites that effectively communicate messages and facilitate seamless interactions. From conceptualizing designs to implementing responsive layouts and optimizing user experience, I leverage my creative skills and technical proficiency to craft digital spaces that leave a lasting impression. Combining my passion for education with my expertise in web design, I am dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to transform learning experiences. Whether it's developing online learning platforms, creating interactive multimedia content, or establishing virtual communities of practice, I strive to bridge the gap between traditional education and digital innovation, making learning more accessible, engaging, and impactful for learners of all backgrounds. As both an officer in the TVET sector and a web designer, I am committed to driving positive change and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, I aim to contribute to the advancement of education and the enrichment of online experiences for learners around the globe. Thank you for considering my introduction, and I am eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to make a meaningful difference in the lives of learners and communities worldwide.